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What is amazon kindle ebook reader?

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Do you know what amazon kindle ebook reader is ?

Kindle Ebook Reader
Amazon, the king of online book-retailer for several years, deciding to innovate the way people reading books by inventing wireless ebook reader device as the name of "Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader". In fact, there are some groups, like Sony and Seiko-Epson, trying to penetrate the market of ebook reader device ,however, they didn't succeed as expected. But Amazon can do it ! Amazon makes many people interested in his Kindle Ebook Reader with the sales over 700,000 devices (worth more than USD 200 millions) in all generation of Kindle Ebook Reader.

Why Kindle Ebook Reader can attract many people like that ?

Comfortable Kindle Ebook Reader is portable ebook reader device, it's certainly wireless and it weighs just only 10 ounces, being lighter than most of the softcover books. So it's easy to carry around with hundreds of books inside.

Preserve your eyesight You need no longer to read ebook on computer monitor, Kindle Ebook Reader is electronic-paper display providing a sharp, high-resolution screen that looks and reads like real paper. Moreover kindle can adjust text size for your convenience.

Impressive features Kindle Ebook Reader can download over 230,000 books via amazon's own network, called Whispernet,which provided by Sprint's EVDO. It works as 3g technology, so Kindle user can download ebooks anywhere in USA. Kindle also can be used for reading blog and news. Kindle Ebook Reader has great search functions which allow you to search for phrases or specific words within your library.

Kindle Ebook reader Design
Great Design Because it comsumes much time in reading, so Kindle has been designed to be very easy to hold and use. And there is QWERTY keyboard which use left and right thumbs to type it.

But this Kindle Ebook Reader has some disanvantages that its service, such as reading news and blog, may have some expenses incurred, but it is worthwhile for the payment.

In my opinion, I think that this Amazon Kindle Reader will be powerful innovation in the future , people can read news blog and ebook easier than read in netbook or notebook. May it be a new way in advertising ?


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